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At First Baptist Church of Oak Park, we believe that church is more than Sunday morning worship service. Of course, we love to worship God. But we’re also here to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and your understanding of His Word. At FBCOP, you’ll experience a loving community of believers who share life together and genuinely encourage each other. You belong here!


Reverend Robert C. Reynolds was born and raised in Washington D.C. and accepted his call into the gospel ministry in 1999 at Mount Sinai Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. where he served in several evangelism and outreach ministries. He was ordained in 2004 at the Oakland Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA and served there as Minister of Christian Education under the leadership of Pastor Tyrone Queen. 

In 2008 Reverend Reynolds and his family moved to Michigan where he served as Minister of Christian Education and Leadership Development at Canton Christian Fellowship in Canton, MI. He also served as a Chaplain at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI where he received his Clinical Pastoral Education. In 2012, he was called to assist the First Baptist Church of Oak Park in Oak Park, MI serving first as Associate Pastor and then as Co-Pastor and was installed as senior Pastor in February 2015.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Washington Bible College, a Masters of Arts degree in Christian Counseling and Discipleship (MACCD) from Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, Maryland and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies (MTS) from The Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Through the grace of God, Reverend Reynolds strives to live his life according to the scripture “For I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20). 

Reverend Reynolds is married to the lovely Lisa Renee Reynolds and God has blessed them with two sons, Robert and Ryan.

Our Beliefs

  • All Scripture is inspired: So we have God’s perfect will for our lives in the Bible.

  • The God of the Bible eternally exists: So we know there is a sovereign creator who gives purpose and meaning to life.

  • The whole human race is sinful: So we need God to provide salvation.

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross and was raised from the grave: So we can receive the total payment for our sin through a living Savior!

  • Salvation is a work of God: So we need simply to accept it by faith.

  • There is a ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit today: So we have the power to live a godly life.

  • The church is the instrument through which God works: So we belong to a spiritual family that encourages and builds us up.

  • Jesus Christ may return at any time: So we have the hope of eternal life and a certain knowledge of the future.

God Has a Plan for You

Truths about God

  • Because He loves you, He wants you to experience His perfect peace and fully satisfied life now and for eternity. (Romans 5:1, John 10:10)

  • Because we neglect to live for God and refuse to live the way He desires us to live, we’re separated from Him. The Bible calls this sin.  (Romans 6:23, Isaiah 59:1-2)

  • God has provided a bridge to connect sinful people with a Holy God. (1 Timothy 2:5, 1 Peter 3:18)

  • Jesus is God’s bridge. All individuals must trust by faith to connect with God in this life and eternity. Each individual must cross God’s bridge and no one can cross it for them.

How You Can Cross God’s Bridge

  • Admit and confess you are a sinner.

  • Be willing to turn from your sin and follow Christ.

  • Through prayer, invite Jesus to come in and control your life through the Holy Spirit, receiving Him as Lord of your life. (Romans 10:13, Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 John 5:12-13)

Our History

  • 1921 – A small group of people who attended Highland Park Baptist (when it was still in Highland Park), started a home-based prayer service. Soon, it became a church gathering. Later that year, they founded Carmel Avenue Baptist Church, located at Woodward Ave. & Carmel Ave., in Detroit, Michigan, with Pastor Jim Patton.

  • 1951 – The church decided to move to the current location in Oak Park, Mich. While the current building was being constructed, the church met in a theater at 10 Mile, near Scotia.

  • 1952 –  In the early summer, Carmel Avenue Baptist met for the first time in the new building, on Coolidge Hwy, and changed their name to First Baptist Church of Oak Park. Puritan Avenue Baptist, another church in Detroit, was looking to move north, and was checking out the Oak Park area

  • 1957 – Puritan Avenue Baptist found that First Baptist Church was without a pastor, and the two churches merged with Pastor Richards.

  • 1961 – Dr. Harold Warren was called to be Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church.

  • 1967 – An addition was built, and the former sanctuary became the gymnasium.

  • 1970 –  Pastor Robert Mignard was called to be Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church.

  • 1982 – Pastor Robert Winter, who was Associate Pastor, became Senior Pastor.

  • 1997 –  Pastor Robert LaPine was called to First Baptist.

  • 2004 – Pastor Jeffrey Wallace was called to First Baptist.

  • 2013 – Pastor Robert Reynolds became Co-Pastor. Later that year, a fire started in the original building. Smoke damage and some water damage spread to the newer part. As a result, the whole building went through a remodeling and renovation period.

  • 2015 – Pastor Robert C. Reynolds became Senior Pastor.